BEAR Medic Corporation
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BEAR Medic craftsmanship

To microsurgery around the world

USP size : 8-0 ~ 12-0

                  Nylon Polyamide

Needle length : 2.0mm ~ 6.0mm

Needle diameter : φ50μ ~ 250μ


BEAR Medic's microsurgery nylon suture with needle has been preferred by many Japanese microsurgeons, especially plastic surgeons, hand surgeons and neuro surgeons, and we have a high market share in Japan. In addition, it has been highly evaluated overseas as well, mainly in the north American market, and has been accumulating export results.

We continue to work for further contributions to microsurgery around the world with Bear Medic's technology.

Taking advantage of the sophisticated technology that has manufactured watches, it is possible to do all process from material processing to finished products, in own factory.

The world's smallest level needle (2.0mm in length, 50μ in diameter) can be realized.

On the other hand, USP 12-0 to 8-0 thread sizes are available and it can satisfy the demand of all microsurgery.

*Process of threading to needle

First, use a microlaser on the back of the needle to make a hole, and then put a thread into it by a skilled craftsman's hand and carefully tighten it with a uniform pressure of 360 degrees.

By this manufacturing method and technology, the very clean finish on the surface of needle-thread jointed part can be realized with no burr.

Therefore, when the needle passes through a tissue, it does not get stuck and very smooth suturing is possible. On the one hand damage to the patient's tissue is minimized, on the other hand it can realize to maximize the doctor's precise operation.

The product mount has an integral scale, which represents the length of the thread as it is.

In case it is necessary to adjust the thread length in advance, it can be cut to a suitable length before taking out the product.

( It is also possible to cut the scaled mount together with the thread )