BEAR Medic Corporation
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Bear Medic aims toward safety, elaboration, excellent operability and development of original medical devices under the advice of MD specialists while conducting careful marketing. 

Suture Material

▶ Disposable Microvascular Clip

Hemostatic clip for microsurgery and vascular anastomosis.

These clip are essential microsurgery devices. We supply them to the verious countries in the world.

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▶ Micro Suture

We have abundant product variation. You can select a product with good balance of needle type/thickness/length and suture size.

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▶ Training microsurgery

We are particular about the needled suture for micro surgery.

To avoid the damage of tissues,we implement to make afine needle hole by laser.

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▶ Suture with Needle

The Company's name is an allusion to the claw of bear. 

Our products have excellent sharpness and strength. 

Customers can make a selection from a wide variety of products ranging from general surgery to microsurgery.

▶ Polydioxanone Monofilament Synthetic Absorbable Suture

This is a long-term absorbable monofilament suture.

▶ Coated PGA Absorbable Suture

This is a short-term absorbable braided suture used for most soft tissue ligation, including ophthalmologic procedures.

▶ MH Clip

Stainless steel clip (single use) for temporal hemostasis of microscopic vessel less than about 1mm.


▶ Plate

                                                                                                                                  - Click for PDF Catalog -