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Excellent Supporting Tool

                              For microvascular anastomosis

For Artery : Yellow coloured

                   Single type : 4 sizes

                   Double type : 4 sizes

For Vein : Green coloured

                   Single type : 4 sizes

                   Double type : 4 sizes

CE Marking, EN ISO13485

We have acquired the CE marking for "Disposable Microvascular Clip".

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This clip series was produced in 1990 by Dr. Susumu Tamai, Department of Orthopedic Surgeru, Nara Medical University, one of the pioneers of microvascular surgery who succeeded in a replantation of completely cut off thumb first in the world in 1965.

It was the first disposable plastic clip in the world.

In Japan, it has been widely used for more than 30 years, mainly for reconstructive microsurgery.

               *Advantage of our clips

  • The flexible plastic material can make possible to clamp the vessel firmly even with small pressure. And it is more tissue-adaptability than metallic ones, so there is almost no damage to vascular tissue. 

  • The clip is designed as follows.
  • When putting an outer diameter of blood vessel suitable for each clip standard, the tips of the clip contact first.
  • After that, as pressure is being applied, the elasticity of the clip itself uniformly applies putting force to the blood vessel. So, slippage of blood vessel from the clip may not oocur easily.